abnormal subgroup

анормальная подгруппа

English-Russian scientific dictionary. 2008.

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  • Abnormal subgroup — In mathematics, in the field of group theory, an abnormal subgroup is a subgroup H of a group G such that for any x in G, x lies in the subgroup generated by H and H^x.Here are some facts relating abnormality to other subgroup properties:* Every… …   Wikipedia

  • Pronormal subgroup — In mathematics, especially in the field of group theory, a pronormal subgroup is a subgroup that is embedded in a nice way. Pronormality is a simultaneous generalization of both normal subgroups and abnormal subgroups such as Sylow subgroups,… …   Wikipedia

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  • Paranormal subgroup — In mathematics, in the field of group theory, a paranormal subgroup is a subgroup such that the subgroup generated by it and any conjugate of it, is also generated by it and a conjugate of it within that subgroup.In symbols, H is paranormal in G… …   Wikipedia

  • Contranormal subgroup — In mathematics, in the field of group theory, a contranormal subgroup is a subgroup whose normal closure in the group is the whole group. Clearly, a contranormal subgroup can be normal only if it is the whole group. Some facts: Every subgroup of… …   Wikipedia

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